Age Has Not Made Me Wise

Artwork of Rodion Raskolnikov by Bella Bergolts

The more I’ve grown in years, the more aware my stupidities are.

Let not such words fool thee as an act of humility.

I’ve grown weaker and solidified in my twisted ways.

Unable to change.


I’ve turned cries of sorrow into laughter.

Pain into pleasure.

Corruption into perfection.

I’ve turned a blind eye to the poor.

I’ve placed myself upon a rock of arrogance above the ignorant,

When I myself am the most foolish of all.

I’ve spat on they who spoke the truth.

I’ve ridiculed the merciful ones.

I’ve spat on they who walk in righteousness.

I’ve ridiculed the meek.

Claiming to be wise,

Yet, I am the fool.

Fill my cup, and read to me a Psalm.

But do not hand me a mirror;

For it is myself I fear.

-Toxic Scribe

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