Songs of Reflection: My Fallen Council

‘Faust in his Study’ by Ary Scheffer (1840)

Find myself drowning in iniquities
Can’t help but hear out the Demons who speak of my fallacies

Every hour under the Sun
Every walk under the Moon
I pray for the day of tranquility

‘Look at you’, says they
‘Set in your ways- sins on repeat’
And they’re right

The lies I convey to my soul and fellow man
The “good deeds” for self-service
The burning lusts of the flesh 
The pride of a shattered mind
And the murdering heart

It is true as they said,
‘A renewed spirit does not fix a broken pottery’

Yet I say unto this Fallen Council
‘But it is my redeemed spirit of God’s grace and His love
That I find refuge away from myself-
I take no security in my earthly vessel. This tainted body.’

For as long as I live
May my eyes be fixed on that which is above
Heavenly wisdom
Higher than I
Like a spring from the mountain
Blessing the broken lands below

I will deny my Earthly self.
My false Senses
My twisted Rationality
My own idea of Love
Unto Death

-Toxic Scribe

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