Songs of Reflection: A Sinner’s Plea

The Third Denial of Peter by James Tissot (1886)

Forgive me, O’ Lord

For I am wretched. My soul is tainted from all iniquities.

I had called you Father. I favored thee as the Savior, and King above all.

Yet I denied thee. I had committed a most treacherous sin. Spitting upon your Holiness in the most trialed hour.

My bones are twisted, and my heart is blasphemous.

I should be damned to hell. I shall be cast in the great fire.

Stagnum Ignis

How long, O’ God of Righteousness?

How long will my wickedness remain? On what hour shall I be cut off from the Tree of Life?

Unlike Job, I do not know myself. For I had concealed my sins from thee.

O’ the miserable wretch that I am.

Yet you, Most Holy Divine, know all in everlasting.

Therefore, I rejoice in thee. I shall sing praise to the Author of thy sanctification.

The Light of Purity; to purge all iniquities.

I await to depart from this realm-

And embrace my native country.

Forgive me, O’ Lord

For I had brought naught but shame before thee.

In the House of Wisdom, I asked you to reveal my wickedness so that I may have sight. To acknowledge that I am without power to save myself, and to fight my own wars.

For the ways of the Creator are beyond my ways

And His thoughts are beyond my comprehension.

O’ Lord, Forever I shall praise thee

May I continue to beseech thee; both in times of sorrow and joy.

May I dwell in your Tower forever. Until I’m called home to the House of Eternity.

-Toxic Scribe

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