A Letter of Tears to Pashto افغانستان (Afghanistan)

Beloved of Afghanistan,

Remember the days of sun and stars

O’ descendants of sorrow.

Another dark age is passing,

For better or worse,

Your hearts are locked in fear.

I pray that I could do more to ease your pains;

To be present among you.

To care for the old and frail

To wipe away the tears of fathers and mothers,

And to encourage laughter from the bright youth once more.

O’ sweet children of Pashto,

My heart bleeds for your futures,

And my tears flow to your broken lands.

Which have been manipulated;

Abused in the name of God and Glory.

Uprooting your native roots.

For the testament of your ancestors stand nearly as high beside the Pillar of Time.

O’ little ones,

I pray that you will see better days and live in harmony.

To return to school,

To play outside without fear,

And to pursue your dreams without damnation.

Blessed are they who seek mercy from above,

And abandon hope that mankind alone can forge peace.

May God’s mercy be upon your broken hearts.

-Toxic Scribe

2 thoughts on “A Letter of Tears to Pashto افغانستان (Afghanistan)

  1. Yes, it’s a dark age of fears that move door-to-door without the music of musicians executed, without girls carrying books of hope to school, without futures, without joy, invisible smiles hidden. The greatest heads are beheaded by psychopaths who have lost their heads to mad fanatic lunatic strictures and to wild animal instincts untamed. Mercy has been swept away in a tornado. How does a new born baby so quickly learn to hate. Too many evil teachers have no compassion for the child who smiles with the light of the sun and giggles with the wind.

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